St Andrew Kaggwa


(a) Learning Environment:

                     The learning environment is conducive, something which motivates the learners, and as such, they concentrate and master what is taught during the teaching and learning process.

                    The teachers are provided with enough furniture in their classes, where they sit and feel comfortable.

                     They are provided with WiFi Internet, which helps them to make more research about a particular subject during their free time in the computer lab and library.

(b) Uniform:

                       The uniqueness and Smartness of St Andrew Kagggwa Gombe High School Kawaala is evident by the way our students dresse, That is to say, the learners are provided with unique uniforms which also make them feel comfortable and proud of the school, hence motivating them to concentrate on their studies.

  1. 1_ S.2 girls wear red dresses with cream striples and boys wear cream shirts and red trousers.
  2. 3_S.4 girls wear cream dresses with maron striples and boys wear cream shirts and maron trousers.
  3. 5_S.6 girls wear cream shirts and Grey skirts with cream striples and boys wear cream shirts and Grey trousers.

Generally, girls wear plain cotton, white stockings, something that makes them look smart. The stockings are provided by the school.



           Our learners are provided with good balanced diet like Beans, cow peas, meat, chicken, cabbage, matooke, sweet potatoes, posho, water melon, bananas and others, something which keeps them healthy. They are provided with safe drinking water which prevents them from unsafe water related diseases like Typhoid.

           Meals are usually served in time to avoid inconveniences in teaching and learning programmes. They are provided with 4 meals a day. That is to say, in the morning at 7:00am students are given tea with accompaniments.

At 10:40am (break time), Students are given porridge, At 1:10pm (lunch time) students are given food with fruits and lastly Supper time they get food plus tea.



The school offers a well balanced diet for both staff and students. Weekly menu.








Posho, Irish potatoes, beans and Watermelon.

Posho, rice,  beans and greens.

Matooke, Rice, Chicken and G-Nuts

 Rice, posho beans and greens.


Potatoes, posho, meat and Fish.

Posho, rice, cow peas, greens and melon.

Matooke, rice and Meat and Fish, greens.

Morning tea






Evening tea



Drinking water is well prepared and provided at the school on a daily basis.

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