St Andrew Kaggwa

Katonda atukoledde ebikulu kyetuva tumutendereza. I greet you all in the name of the Almighty. We thank God who has given us a good start. We wish to appreciate you for the cooperation you have offered our team on the ground. We wish to thank you for having quickly embraced the change. I also extend my appreciation to Mr. Mulindwa the Principal and team for such a wonderful start.

St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School was officially opened on 27/11/2016 by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports Mr. Kakooza Alex. This was a high profile function and I wish to thank those who braved the heavy rains to witness this historical moment. The education sector will soon notice the innovations unique only to our school we have brought. We will soon be a reference point. We are new in this area Kawaala yet the team involved is coming with a wealth of experience in managing education related activities and other institutions as well. We have a team of dedicated and innovative people who only require your support.


We have done and completed the initial renovations, setting up the basic infrastructure and equipped the school with ultra modern facilities. We are currently constructing a multi-purpose games facility which will house courts for volley and basket balls, netball, lawn tennis, bad Minton and some other indoor games. The same facility at times will also be an assembly point, a conference facility and parking depending on need. We are looking for space to accommodate a football pitch. All this is to ensure that our students don’t miss out on sports which are crucial to the cognitive development, mind and body. We are also mobilizing resources to put up a block which will house more classes and dormitories.

We have deliberately tried to further some of the concepts and practices from our lower schools such as ensuring that our students travel light to school, Promotion of ICT and main streaming practical education which creates continuity.

Lastly I request you to be the ambassadors of the good works of this school in order to grow our numbers which creates sustainability. I take this opportunity to wish you a happy festive season and happy new year.

Kyewalabye-Male D

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