St Andrew Kaggwa

Religious Studies and Divinity

Welcome to the Religious Studies and Divinity Department

As a department we offer this discipline or programme to instill Christian values or morals much as we are a multi- denominational institution that embraces diversity and respects all kinds of religions gazette in our country’s constitution.

Why is religious education important?

First and foremost this discipline equips learners with spiritual, moral cultural, and socio-economic knowledge and values that aids their mental, psychological and physical development in this 21st century.

At St Andrew Kaggwa Gombe high school the lessons in religious education start with looking at what is going on today, then we study what was practiced in the African traditional setting then together we analyze the history of the church and finally we read or study the bible for application drawing lessons from this widely read book in history of the planet to prepare our students for responsibilities, experiences, and opportunities in the life now and in future.

Since religious education is a compulsory subject in our school, it assists learners to acquire values and beliefs that are reflected in their behavior, discipline and communication. For example when you engage one of our learners on any national or global issue she or he will use her spiritual, moral, cultural, socio-economic experience to give a balanced argument, comment or view for sustainable development.

The subject gives an opportunity for learners to learn about our traditions, church history. These have and will continue to shape the present and future of this planet so as prepare them for our vision which is to be at the helm of producing competent, responsible, self-reliant and flexible citizens.

The subject also teaches students to embrace diversity that calls individuals to practice critical thinking by welcoming diverse opinions on any matter being exposed to different traditions, values, morals, ethnicity among others, but marry the two arguments and get the best for all as long as it is the truth and displays integrity serves the common interests of the people of their land.

All this in the spirit to LIGHT THE LAMP OF WISDOM.

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